Debt Collection & Insolvency

Many companies, businesses and individuals are experiencing difficulties in getting paid and managing credit control is always a priority. At C. W. Ashe & Co. we provide a full debt recovery service from pre-legal enquiries and formal demand letters to enforcement in the courts. We have significant experience in the area of debt collection and will pursue the matter in a pragmatic, prompt and cost-effective manner.

We advise on the following:

  • Formal demand letters & pre-legal communications
  • Issuing of legal proceedings
  • Registration of judgments & enforcement

We also offer practical and strategic advice in relation to insolvency, be it company insolvency or personal insolvency. The importance of acting quickly and dealing with financial difficulties head-on and within the law cannot be overstated.

We have expert knowledge in relation:


  • Advising clients on the Personal Insolvency Act
  • Defending proceedings for repossession
  • Negotiations with banks in relation to the restructuring of loans & mortgages